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Lift Off Festival, Leeds  | National Gallery Zimbabwe, Bulawayo 

One woman play about the loss and migration. 


We, children of migration watch our parents mourn for their parents. We understand death in the context of losing our own parents, But that is only the beginning. What we don't realise is that, those that came before us, oGogo laboKhulu, our grandparents were the embodiment of home.

Home is the place where we born, felt we belonged, made our memories and anchored our histories.Home is embedded  within our parents. We, children of migration exist in the in-between. We try to hold on to what our parents have taught us and what migration has given us. Death makes us confront what we have lost. Hoe has died, and we too must begin to mourn.

Written for Lift Off Festival in 2012. 

Selected for the Reciprocal Narratives:About Place, About Home exhibition at the National Gallery Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 2014. . The exhibition was curated by Mthabisi Phili (Voices in Colour)

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