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The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize - Finalist 2014-2015

Finalist 2014-15 Zodwa Nyoni Play: Boi Boi is Dead Synopsis: Afro-jazz legend, father, lover, playboy, husband, rule breaker, enigmatic force of nature. Boi Boi is dead. But not forgotten. An arresting exploration of family bonds, overwhelming love and the spirited tenacity of a new generation. Producers West Yorkshire Playhouse Tiata Fahodzi Watford Palace Theatre Cast Breakdown: BOI-BOI (deceased) *Note actor must be able to play trumpet at a professional level MIRIAM - Boi-Boi’s girlfriend STELLA - Boi-Boi’s wife EZRA - Boi-Boi’s elder brother UNA - Boi-Boi and Stella’s daughter PETU - Miriam’s son from first marriage Set: interior house in a township of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Read more at Th


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